I skipped a few of my contraceptive pills which lead

Patient: I skipped a few of my contraceptive pills which lead to an early period. I usually end up getting 2 in one month but since i did not take the pills right it may have messed up the cycle.I know have a lot of PMS symptoms and also have a sharp pain in my lower left abdomen. I took 2 pregnanacy tests with it being more than 10 days and it came back negative. I also saw a doctor and she didn’t solve my problem.My mood swings are everywhere, worse than usual and the sharp pain is not going away it feels as if i have wind pain but its not going away.

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.As your two urine pregnancy test kits gave negative results , the possibility of pregnancy is less.Premenstrual syndrome presents with physical and psychological disturbances prior to menstruation.It is expected to occur due to disturbance of neurotransmitter interactions with sex hormones.Dietary factors, stress, family history etc can influence the condition.By following measures like taking calcium, vitamin E, B6 etc supplements, decreasing caffeine, sodium and sugar intake etc, severity of symptoms can be decreased to some extent.Taking combined hormonal pills can also help in decreasing premenstrual symptoms.Take care.