I slipped in my driveway and came down on my

Patient: I slipped in my driveway and came down on my left knee. This was in January. I developed a lump below my knee and off to the right. It never bruised or hurt, but now the lump is getting bigger, my lower leg is swelling, and my foot keeps falling asleep

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.With the history of development of a lump behind the knee after slipping in driveway with out any apparent bruising or hurting is suggestive of Baker’s cyst.I would advise you to take an opinion of an Orthopedic surgeon as you have developed other symptoms of the lump getting bigger, swelling of the lower leg and the foot falling asleep. He would do a clinical evaluation, physical examination to find the causes of foot falling asleep, whether due to knee swelling or something in the back as an aftermath of slipping.He would also advise you investigations which may be MRI of the affected knee and the back for disc if required.In this way, a proper diagnosis and a plan of treatment will be settled for.I hope this answer helps you.