I smoked 15 cig a day for 10 years I

Patient: I smoked 15 cig a day for 10 years… I have urine cotinine test for life insurance . I will have not smoked for 9 days prior to test and smoked 4 cig a day for 5 days prior to abstaining for the the 9 days…I’m male 40 yr old, exercise regularly, and healthy no medical issues and drink 100oz of water daily… will i pass the urine test,?

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for your query.Noted the history of smoking 15 Cigarettes a day for 10 years, and stopped smoking as e xplained for the urine cotinine test.Since you have stopped smoking for 9 days prior to test and 4 cigarettes per day for the 5 days prior to abstaining to 9 days window, you may possibly pass the test.It takes about 2-4 days for light smoker and about 7 days for heavy smoker for negative cotinine test in the usual circumstances.I hope this answers your query.

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Patient: what is the cut off level used in urine testing to detect cotinine, i understand it to be bellow 200ng/ml? is that considered non smoking threshold

Doctor: Yes, one step rapid drug screen test has the cut off of 200 ng/ml of urine – non-smoking threshold.

Patient: What is considered average amount of cotinine in urine of a pack a day cig smoker…more or less then 8000 ng/ml?

Doctor: This is unpredictable as the measurements depends upon so many factors like your age, depth of smoking/inhalation, which cigarette one smokes, the metabolism is different in every person.
Hence not many of the conclusive evidence.
I hope this answers your query.

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