I sneezed and felt a pop under my right side

Patient: I sneezed and felt a pop under my right side under my rib cage. Now I have very sharp pain. What has happened to me?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.The commonest causes of development of a sharp pain under the rib cage on the right side can be as follows:- Muscle strain or a tear from the lower ribs or- Fracture of the rib or- Costochondritis.I would advise you the following in such a situation.- First of all take the full rest.- You may please apply tight support by means of a crepe / Elastoplast to reduce the movements with each respiration as these will be enhanced while breathing deep, next sneeze or straining of any sort. This will support the local area. You can also put both the palms over the area of pain during such incidences to reduce the severe pain.- Anti-inflammatory Medicines such as Ibuprofen if it suits you, at 8 hourly interval after some food to reduce the swelling and pain.- Consult a Doctor to get examined for local tenderness and to have a proper diagnosis, further treatment and few investigations if need be.I hope this answer helps you.