I spotted last month and I have a Paraguard iud

Patient: I spotted last month and I have a Paraguard iud and this month I’m late took 3 pregnancy tests all negative should I be concerned and do I count last month’s spotting as a period otherwise my periods are regular

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.A hormonal IUD can cause changes in the menstrual cycle and make it quite irregular. Sp otting, excessive bleeding and even missed periods could be a side effect of the contraception. However, there are chances of failure and hence we need to rule out pregnancy. Spotting can be considered as your period, for now get a beta hCG blood test done and follow it up after 48 hours again . this will rule out pregnancy. your cycles will settle down in 3 months after the insertion of para guard in case of no pregnancy. In case of heavy bleeding or no cycles for another 2 months, see a doctor for withdrawal bleeding if needed.Hope this helped.Regards