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I sprained my ankle pretty badly about a year ago

Patient: I sprained my ankle pretty badly about a year ago during cheerleading practice. The doctor said I should rest it and not compete but I did anyway because it was my last competition before graduating and I was stubborn. They also told me I needed to do physical therapy to strengthen the ligaments that were over stretched but that never happened either. It never healed correctly and it still hurts. It feels weak, and I always feel like it needs to be cracked, it’s always sort of sore, and when I move my big toe up and down on that ankle and point my foot, my anke makes a jorrie grinding and popping noise. Every once in a while it feels so weak that it actually gives out and I trip or fall. Is it too late to finally give my ankle the attention it deserves and help prevent chronic damage?


Doctor: Hi welcome to Ask The Doctor,A sprain is the short way of saying that you have torn or overstretched a muscle. It oc curs when a joint gets twisted, injuring the ligaments that connect the bones in the joint.ankle sprains can have nagging consequences that can be seen years after the initial injury. The first problem resulting from the ankle sprain involves the ligaments that are “stretched out” from the sudden and often violent turning of the ankle past its normal range of motion. These ligaments resemble the plastic that surrounds a six-pack of beer. Once they are stretched out, they will never return to their original shapes. We are left with an ankle that is less stable, especially in the direction that the sprain occurred.A second clinical problem is seen long after the initial ankle sprain is chronic stiffness. Months, and even years after the injury, it is common to see a loss of ankle dorsiflexion. You need to avoid all the physical activities. Take rest, use a bandage whenever you have pain in it. It should be taken a special care.Hope this helps. Wish you a speedy recovery.


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