I start to cough when cold hits me (my chest).

Patient: I start to cough when cold hits me (my chest) or drink something cold. Months back I had visited the doctor because I had heaviness in my lungs, there were times it was difficult for me to breath (that was 7 months back its okay now) but I still experience a little heaviness in my chest, now I take care myself by by drinking hot drinks, hot shower and covering my self with warm clothes. My cough gets bad sometimes like am about to cough out blood. I noticed I wheeze when am in a cold atmosphere or when I done heavy work. Am not sure if the following information has some relevance to the above problem am going through but another problem I noticed is that I forget things always, not the important things but routine and small things. Any solution for this problem?

Symptoms: Coughing, Wheezing, Heaviness breathing/lung