I started a new birth control two weeks ago Last

Patient: I started a new birth control two weeks ago. Last night I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and he ejaculated inside me. Should I take plan b or is my birth control pill in full effect?If I should take planned, will that effect my birth control?

Doctor: Hello.THANKS FOR the query to ATD.The effectivity of the pill depends on the day of cycle that you have started th e pill. If the pill was started during the initial 7 days of your cycle then after 2 weeks on pills,you would be safe from pregnancy as ovulation would have been prevented during this cycle.But if it has been started later than 7 days then ovulation cannot be predicted and it would be advisable to take a plan b and at the same time stop the pill pack for the month and practice barrier contraception for this cycle. A withdrawal bleed after 7 days shall rule out pregnancy in that case.I hope I have answered your query in detail,Regards