I started off with blisters on my gums and lips

Patient: I started off with blisters on my gums and lips and now it is turning into bloody yellow scabs on my lips on the inside of my mouth all over my mouth , when i eat it effects it and stings very badly

Doctor: Hi.Read and understood your problems.There are many reasons to have such oral lesions as you have explained:-Sto matitis-Oral thrush-Multiple aphthous ulcersFor clearly identifying the disease, I need to see your photographs of the lesions, please post clear photographs.And visit the ENT or Oral Surgeon for a proper clinical diagnosis and hence getting a proper treatment.Till then you follow this:Take small amounts of water frequently. This helps in cleaning of mouth and maintain the hydration properly.If you have anti-fungal oral applications, apply them.If the pain is too much you can use Xylocaine/ topical anesthetic jelly to relief of pain.Take painkillers which suit you the most.I hope this answer helps you.