I started taking birth control mid way through my cycle

Patient: I started taking birth control mid way through my cycle my doctor told me that doing so would be fine but I would have to take the pill for 7 days for it to work as a contraceptive. On the third day of the pill I had sex and the guy came inside of me.I’ve kept taking the pill and now it’s my 15th day on it. Would the pill have been effective or not when I had sex and could I be pregnant?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.As you started mid-cycle firstly when your ovulation may have already occurred and you didn’t use an additional barrier contraception for initial 7 days but had sex on the third day of the pill, the chances are high that you can get pregnant.The best way to rule out pregnancy would be to get a blood serum beta hcg test done after 7 days of intercourse to rule out pregnancy. if the test is negative then you can continue the contraceptive pills regularly and await withdrawal during the sugar pill week normally.if positive then stop the pack and decide if you want to continue or terminate.I hope I have addressed your concerns.Wishing you safe sexual practices.Regards