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I still very paranoid about developing a nut allergie at

Patient: I still very paranoid about developing a nut allergie at 25 im very worried about developing a nut allergie having anaphalaxis and dieing no longer will eat nuts veacuse of the fear of developing a nut allergie and worried beacuse i am no longer eating nuts that if i inantvertanly ate something with a nut in it that it would trigger of a reaction and worried that if i kiss my boyfreind has eat them and i kiss him i will have a reaction beacuse i am no longer eating them im very worried and cant get it out my head dont not want to eat nuts beacuse im very very very frightened



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for writing you query hereYou have discussed about your fear for anaphylaxis with nuts but there has be en no mention regarding any episode of allergy to nuts.Yes, there is a way to overcome your fear. You’ll have to visit a psychiatrist and take his/her help.Behaviour therapy and exposure therapy ate helpful to overcome fear once allergy to nuts is ruled out. In case of objective documentation of allergy behavioral therapy alone is required.Alternative therapy in form of yoga, mediation and breathing exercises are also helpful in combination with the treatment modalities mentioned above.I hope your query is answered.For any further doubts/ opinions, please do write to us.Regards



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Patient: That’s what I’m saying I having got a nut allergic always been shown to eat them but developed this thought of developing a nut allergic at 25 how likely would u say that would be to suddenly develops a nut allergic at my age

Doctor: Thanks for posting you query
It is highly unlikely to develop a new allergy at the age of 25 years but allergy to a substance can develop at any age in any person.
Developing a nut allergy at late age is less likely because but don’t possess such antigenicity as seen with antibiotics.
I hope your query is answered now.
Feel free to discuss further.


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