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I stopped breastfeeding a month ago (baby is now 16

Patient: I stopped breastfeeding a month ago (baby is now 16 months old). Period came back when he was 9 months. It was real heavy 1st month, then the other months it was just spotting. Last month was the 1st month totally without breastfeeding. It was heavy and longer (7 days) then I had a couple days of cramps at the end with blood tinged mucus. This month it wasn’t quiet as heavy and it was only 5 days but now I’m cramping and I have a little blood tinged mucus again. Is this normal after weaning?



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,Yes, it is absolutely normal after weaning to experience first 2-3 menstrual cycles as slightly heavier and accompanied with cramping before the prolactin levels in the body are completely settled and progesterone levels are re-established to the pre-pregnancy levels. If you experience heavy bleeding then you may add antifibrinolytics like Tranexamic acid tabs 500mg thrice a day for 3 days, this is available on prescription and can reduce the flow. For the cramps and pain you may add on an NSAID for few days again, this may be a feature for at least 2-3 cycles. Please continue your Synthroid 150mcg daily as well. Keep yourself stress-free and well hydrated, this shall help regulate the cycle sooner.I hope I have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health.Regards.



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Patient: So the brownish mucus is normal?

Doctor: Yes its normal and should be watched for in next few cycles. Also would like to state that you need to be following contraception as you have started ovulating again and unprotected intercourse can again get you pregnant.


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