I suffer from recurring UTIs Tried Nitrofurantoin Didn’t

Patient: I suffer from recurring UTIs. Tried Nitrofurantoin. Didn’t work. Currently on Bactrim — I am at the beginning of day three of the bacterium — I feel the symptoms are not improving and maybe getting worse. I have a prescription for CIPRO waiting for me at Rite Aid. If I do not feel better in a few hours, can I discontinue bactrim and begin cipro.

Symptoms: Increased frequency of urination, constant feeling of needing to go, not able to empty bladder, depression, panic, anxiety, hopelessness.

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comBactrim is in fact a better drug than ciprofloxacin for recurrent UTIs.Now I want to know whether a urine culture test was done for you.Because changing antibiotics may not be sensible, and similarly starting a new one without urine culture may not be helpful.So please let me know in the follow up.Feel free to discuss further.