I swallowed a big piece of silver filling material while

Patient: I swallowed a big piece of silver filling material while my dentist was placing the filling. Should I be worried? What can I do?

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Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.I have read and understood that you swallowed a large piece of silver filling material w hile dentist was placing the filling.May I please know a few details so that we can discuss further:- When did this happen? Just now or long back ?- Any X-rays done?If it is done just now, please get the X-ray of the chest and the abdomen.Take PPI like Omeprazole and Antacid.Till now, it is not heard to cause any problems, as many have swallowed it inadvertently, It should pass off in stool in a coated way.Please give feedback so that we can discuss further.

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Patient: It happened about 10 hours ago. My dentist gave me the option of a chest xray but said it was to see if it was in my lungs. Ive been breathinh fine. But was wondering when it will pass and if it can get into my system through my stomach. Is it a solid filling now?

Doctor: This is usually amalgam, and solidifies fast.
The best way is to get the X-ray of the abdomen as within 10 hours this must have reached far away and may be expelled out normally.
Intestines has a very strong protection mechanism. This secretes so much of mucus and practically wraps around anything which it feels is a foreign body to it and expels in the stool in a fully coated form.
Please get one X-ray of the abdomen and check the next stools for it.
X-ray will also shoe the form it is in.