I take Allegra every night for allergies

Patient: I take an alegra every night. Tonight my allergies started to act up and I can’t remember if I took it. I found one net to my bed that may pray not be mine. Is it ok to take it? Will the effects of not taking it be worse with severe allergies and being asthmatic? I’m also highly allergic to cats and I have two in the house with me.

Doctor: Since the allergen (cat dander) exposure is continuous and in high concentration within the house, you are unlikely to g et effective symptomatic relief from anti-allergic medication alone. Moreover, in the long term, you may develop further respiratory or systemic complications. Hence, you should immediately keep the cats out of the house and avoid direct contact. You may also seek opinion of your Allergy Doctor about Allergen Specific Immunotherapy or Allergy Vaccine against ‘Cat-dander’. This is a specialized therapy that slowly develops tolerance in the body, towards the offending agent in the environment.