I think I am a broke man. why I fall asleep during sex?

Patient: I fall asleep during sex but I try my hardest to stay awake and I get really pissed off when I wake up. It just happened again please help me fix my sex life. Also I’m a male. Thank you

Symptoms: Sleep

Doctor: Low libido is a common problem and surely there are treatments available. There is no reason to feel “broke”. Feeling sleepy is commonly caused by fatigue, but may be a sign of medical problem is if you feel sleepy most of the time, even without physical activity! Common causes range from mental ailments to somatic causes and diagnosis is possible after a detailed interview and physicals. Thyroid problems, Diabetes, depressive disorders or cardiological problems– all may causes increased or changed sleep patterns. Please consult your family physician and discuss the problem. You may need a specialist referral, if indicated.