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I think I am iron deficient

Patient: Hi, I am 14 years old. I think I am iron deficient but my parents keep telling me that I am just over thinking and being a hypochondriac. The reason that i think I’m iron deficient is that I am always tired even if I go to bed early and have 9 hours of sleep daily, I’m always weak, irritable, unable to concentrate, having headaches, light headed and I have extremely weak and brittle nails. I’m unable to exercise as much as I used to due to the fact that I just have no energy. Also my doctor thinks i have endometriosis although I never got tested because after being on the pill my symptoms decrease. All i want is a blood test but my parents won’t let me and tell to just eat a diet higher in iron ( which doesn’t work for me). Do you think I am iron deficient? If so how can i convince my parents to let me have a blood test?




Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Generally weakness, tiredness, giddiness etc symptoms can be s een in iron deficiency.But only symptoms are not sufficient to draw a conclusion regarding iron deficiency.You need to be investigated to find out the cause for the problem. Complete blood picture, thyroid profile, blood sugar levels estimation etc can help in finding out the cause of your problem.So, try to explain to your parents that there should be some cause for your symptoms and investigations can help in finding out that.Take care.


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