I think i have a little bit of a back issue

Patient: So yestetday i just bent over to pick up a note pad that fell of a table, i got a severe shock feeling in my lowest back. As if the ligiments were stretched.Now since yesterday the pain comes and goes as sitting or standing or defenatly if i try to bend down ward. But last night before i was going ti bed i took my shirt off and i looked in the mirrior, im standing crooked now, not slouched but learning to one side more, i also notice my hips are not parallelOne looks higher. I do not feel to well today, i have very slight numbing around the buttox and grion but very slight. There is feeling. If i lay down, there is some comfort as i am right now, i am only 27, ive worked contruction a good portion of my life and along the way i did hurt my back, but i never seeked help i just quit doing construction. The front part of my hips below love handles do feel a little wierd, thats only way i can describe that, if i try to raise feet while laying down. There is extreme pain in low back. It is very difficult to even get up, i have to pull my self up with my hands.