I think I have a urinary tract infections

Patient: Hello about two days ago now I noticed that when I pee it’s fine but when it’s coming to an end it sends a pain through my vagina and after im done peeing it still hurts for a little while then stops not all the time but a few times when I pee there will be a fishy odor and a few times I wanna say twice now when I wipe there is a pink spot on the tissue maybe blood but it isn’t red just pinkAnd I’ve already been tested for gonarrhea and chlyamidiah and im negative but I did have BV and I was treated

Symptoms: Pain when pee stops, pink spots on tissue fishy odor

Doctor: The pain and fishy odor may be signs of mixed infection by more than one pathogenic organisms. Tinge of blood in urine m ay also be a sign of infection, commonly. Testing urine and vaginal fluid may be necessary before a definitive treatment may be offered to you. Your doctor, may, however prescribe medicines to ease your discomfort meanwhile, till the test reports arrive.