I think I have a UTI I have to pee

Patient: I think I have a UTI. I have to pee frequently and it hurts very bad to pee. I have had frequent UTI’s (about 3 already this year) and I haven’t been good with taking my antibiotics.. the second time I got one this year I didn’t finish it because I was allergic to the antibiotic. The third time I wouldn’t take them when I needed to… sometimes I would skip days and sometimes I’d only take one instead of two pills. However, I did finish my medication. Now I’m pretty sure I got another one and I really do not want to tell my mother I got one because I’m scared on how she will react. I did a lot of research online but everything seems to be conflicting on whether or not you HAVE TO have antibiotics. Especially since I do not have any lower back pains or fever or sweating. I wanted to know the chances of me getting a kidney infection if I didn’t take antibiotics and my symptoms went away. Also, will a lot of water and cranberry pills cure it? Thank you so much! I am 15 years old.

Symptoms: Uti , pain when peeing, peeing frequently

Doctor: Hi.I have read and understood your symptoms of frequent urination, pain at urination, taking 3 courses of antibiotic s but irregularly and infrequently.This is one infection where you have to take the antibiotic very regularly and for a longer duration, sometimes 3 weeks at a stretch.Just taking cranberry pills and lots of water will not help to cure the infection.It is the antibiotics, taken as per the reports of urine culture and sensitivity that cures the infection.Secondly we will have to find the reasons for recurrent infection, whether it is stones or some anatomical variation or your habits or what.I would advise you the following if you want cureSend the urine sample for routine, microscopy, culture and sensitivity.Check blood for Anemia, Raised WBC count , Sugar.Ultrasonography of the abdomen and pelvis to find any stones or so.Complete the stipulated course of antibiotics.Continue taking plenty of oral fluids and cranberry.Review for clinical evaluation with a Doctor.I hope this will helps you.