I think I have thrush but i feel it’s more serious than that?

Patient: I had sex not long ago (stupidly) unprotected.. I then after that had what I felt like was a urine infection because it stung when I went to the toilet and when I wore my skinny jeans, after a week of constant drinking water the stinging went but now I have a terrible itch down there which is really irritating! I think it is possibly thrush but I am getting pains in my lower abdomen area and it feels like a cramp but different to ones I get when coming on my period, now I am on my period and it is very heavy and watery, this is all worrying me and due to circumstances of where I’m living the doctors is fully booked and it isn’t seen as en emergency so I need recommendations on what it could be? I’m freaking out please help !

Symptoms: When I first had the problems there was a smelly watery discharge, knife-like pains, felt very acidic, very uncomfortable itchiness and heavy watery bleeding