I think I may have an STD but from the conditions its pretty impossible?

Patient: I’ve only had sex with one guy without a condom (I am on the depo contraceptive jab) and I’m the only person he has slept with! so I’m pretty confused on what it could be! I have yellow discharge with NO smell! Its very painful to have sex, it hurts to walk, I bleed alittle after sex, my vagina is swollen, it burns when I go to the toliet, and it itches quite abit. What else could it be? I’m worring.

Doctor: You may have a vaginal or a vulvovaginal infection,  or an STI like chlamydia or gonorhea along with a urinary tract inf fection. Chlamydia and gonorhea are typically characterised by greenish yellow mucopurulent discharge from the vagina along with other symptoms of urinary frequency burning and urgency. It is very difficult to tell you what exactly you may be having as you need to conduct further testing as well as do a pelvic examination.You may have some form of vulvovaginits ie Bacterial vaginosis or trichomonas. Please consult your family physician for a more detailed physical examination along with further tests like a urine test, cervical swab culture and sensitivity etc.It is important to remember that condoms may protect from STD’s but that is not 100%. all the best.