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I think I may have shingles , I have a

Patient: I think I may have shingles , I have a painful patch of rash on the left hand side of my back, around where my bra strap goes and also on my side, I’ve had it about a week and I’m getting stabbing pains in it. The initial angery red has faded to purple looking spots…



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for your health query on ATD. As the symptoms & site suggests yes it is a case of Shingles.This virus infection usually starts with pain / burning followed by the appearance of pimples over red base. The number increases slowly and in groups.Usually in a week or so the lesions starts drying up, but pain may take a longer time to go especially if you are over 50 or diabetic. In some cases the pain may last for years. My advice please visit your dermatologist ASAP. he may give you some medicine to prevent future complications. Meanwhile, wear loose clothes, you can also take painkiller medicines Use calamine lotion over the involved area.Regards,Take care



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Patient: Is this type of rash in the pictures consistent with shingles?

Doctor: sorry the pictures are not visible Please repost

Patient: I’ll try again to send individually

Patient: It’s not uploading, is there any other way to send them?

Doctor: Better to send to my personal e mail
[email protected]

Patient: Thanks I’ve sent them from my email [email protected]

Doctor: Hello I just saw your picture ,although this is not of good quality but on first Impression it looks like shingles. Please do not delay your appointment with dermatologist.

Patient: Okay thanks I’ll see my gp tomorrow

Doctor: OK ,get well soon


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