I think i might be pregnant but i’m not sure?!

Patient: Hello,I had my period at the beginning of this month (or what I thought was my period) and it lasted a day and a half, since then I have had very minor lower stomach cramping day and night, and the past few days I’ve had random stomach pains all around my stomach including the light cramping still. My periods are never that light, nor have I ever experienced stomach cramps AFTER my period, especially going on 3 weeks later now. I am also experiencing problems going to the restroom lately, my breasts have had random sharp pains (never happened before) and I have had a terrible time getting to fall asleep like I normally can. Is there any explanation of what could be wrong?! Please help!

Symptoms: Breast tenderness, lower stomach pelvic area mild cramps, random pains around stomach occasionally (not sharp but pains), insomnia, fatigue, headaches, constipation.

Doctor: Your symptoms are multiple and do not point towards any single diagnosis. None of the symptoms like breast tenderness, l ower stomach-ache, pelvic cramps, random pains around the belly), insomnia, fatigue, headaches or constipation are normal. A home pregnancy test may be helpful to you in confirmation or negation of pregnancy, but for a complete personalized solution, a physician visit is clearly warranted.