I think I might be pregnant but I’m not sure

Patient: I think I might be pregnant but I’m not sure. Some things I have noticed are that for the last 2 months I was supposed to have my period, I’ve had just a little bit of blood and that was it; it was like a second of bleeding. I have also notice my breasts seem larger and I have to urinate more often. There is white, semi-liquid stuff that comes out of my vagina. Could I be pregnant or is it all just coincidence?

Doctor: If you had previous regular cycles with normal bleeding, there are chances that you may be pregnant (provided that you h had sex in the month before your menses became scanty, to be able to get pregnant). All the above signs may be present during early pregnancy, but it would be best to confirm with home pregnancy test or visit your doctor for a blood test which is very accurate. Other causes of scanty bleeding include anemia, physical or emotional stress or ovarian cyst.