I think i might have an std smells and discharge

Patient: Me and my boyfriend have unprotected sex. We are only having sex with each other, BUT sometimes we switch from vaginal sex to anal sex back to vaginal while having sex. I was scared i would catch and STD so we stopped stoped switching holes. After we stopped i started getting a deep burning itchyness in my vagina, it never hurt to pee but when i did pee it would itch and burn inside the vagina. My boyfriend hasnt had any similar symptoms. ( i ask often) when i got on my period the cramps were so painful that i would cry. i switched the soap i used for my vagina to summers eve wash. i havent had any problems with burning or itching sense then. BUT i have a strong vaginal smell even though i use the summers eve wash. and today after i had went to the bathroom i noticed on the toilet paper milky white discharge. normally i have clear discharge or after sex i can have a slight yellow tint. does this sound like an std? I havent gone to a doctor because i have a 8 dollar an hour job and no health insurance and i literally can not afford to see a doctor.

Symptoms: Milky white discharge, smelly vagina, use to have burning and itching but has gone away.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query at ATD about your health care.I can understand your concerns.I have gone through yo ur history and in my opinion it is most likely due to fungal or yeast infection but other causes like bacterial vaginosis and UTI keep in mind. You should use Clingen vaginal tablets for 6-7 days.Use candid- b cream for local application.I would recommend you to use loose fitting cotton undergarments, keep the area dry and clean, use c- wash, consume healthy and nutritious diet.Follow these advices for a week if symptoms persist, then I would suggest you to consult a Gynecologist and get yourself examined.Hope found useful, feel free to discuss more information.Good luck.Regars