I think I might have warts on my vagina

Patient: I have a problem down below around my vaginal hole and the big of skin between the hole and Anus it is quite itchy and sore when I go to the loo and during sex I think it might be warts, I don’t think it is an sti because my partner does not have them could you help me out. Thanks Tilly

Symptoms: Symptoms itchy and sore

I think I might have warts ...-1

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.The possible causes of your problem are genital warts due to viral infection like HPV which might have caused by skin to skin contact, focal epithelial hyperplasia which can also occur due to HPV, stress leading to viral infection, skin tags mistaken for warts etc.Sometimes it may take around three months for manifestation of warts after getting infection and apart from sexual contact they can be acquired by contact with contagious material.Skin tags can also mistaken for warts sometimes.But usually they won’t cause itching etc.As you are having itching and discomfort, better to consult your doctor once and get examined.By direct examination the exact nature of the lesion can be identified and treated.Take care.