I think I’m pregnant

Patient: I took a pregnancy test this morning first thing and it said positive , but I was also told not all tests are 100% accurate , and idk what to do , and I can’t have a kid right now either

Symptoms: Headache , tired all the time , eyes feel heavy , runny poop , cramps

I think I'm pregnant-1

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the question.The clear blue pregnancy kit shows a positive pregnancy . However if you doubt the result then you may repeat it again after 2 days with the first early morning urine sample, and this time with another preg kit from another pharmaceutical may be to remove the bias.If its an unplanned pregnancy then there are safe medical options for terminating pregnancy. you may then contact your physician for medical methods of termination for pregnancy less than 7 weeks.I hope i have answered your query in detail.wishing you good health,regards