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I think might have strep throat I have bad blisters

Patient: I think might have strep throat…. I have bad blisters in the back of my throat and I can’t swallow without a sharp stinging pain….. Is this what that is?



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Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and the image you have provided.May I please know few more details for me to help you more .- Since when have you got this problem?- Were you suffering from flu?- Have you undergone any tests like strep test?- Have you taken any medicines or consulted a Doctor?From your small history and the picture you have provided, this looks to be pharyngitis, most probably of the flu or strep throat. The part of the uvula and soft palate is also congested and shown patches of inflammation.The sharp stinging pain is due to the granules developed on the back of hte throat; the part of the epiglottis seen in the picture looks normal enough not to cause the sharp stinging pain.I would advise you the following to start with:- Start taking an anti-inflammatory like Ibuprofen 3 times a day.- It is very important to differentiate between the viral (flu) and bacterial (strep throat) pharyngitis for a few reasons. Most important being that the strep throat get cured early and well with use of antibiotics. The incidence of a particular type of pharyngitis can be known by the local Physician / Doctor. The strep test can be done to be certain of hte diagnosis.For all these things and to get a valid prescription if needed you need to visit the Doctor and get the tests and the treatment started.In the meantime, take plenty of warm liquids to maintain hydration, helps to clean the throat ( I know it hurts), Ibuprofen or whichever painkiller suits you and have with you as a OTC .I hope this answer helps you to get the correct diagnosis and get the curative treatment at the earliest.Please feel free to ask for further relevant queries or if you feel that there is a gap-of-communication.

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Patient: I don’t have the flu because I went to an allmed today and they did a strep test and it showed up negative and my throat has been this sore since Monday and my voice is hoarse and I’ve been put on antibiotics and mucinex but my throat has never hurt this bad for this long and the blisters are scaring mw

Doctor: Flu and strep throat are different.
Well the treatment remains the same. It is good that you have been put on antibiotic and Mucinex.
Soreness of the throat and hoarseness of the voice indicate the need to take the proper strength depending upon your weight of an anti-inflammatory medicine like Ibuprofen and PPI like Pantoprazole as such problems increase acidity, multivitamin as one really get weak and stressed out.
The hoarseness of voice also indicates the need to take plain water steam inhalation to soothe the lower throat and larynx. This also helps to loosen up the mucus thereby giving further relief. VOICE-REST is part of the treatment to give rest to the vocal cords so that the voice improves faster.
Rarely, oral steroids for a few days may be necessary as they are very strong anti-inflammatory and give faster relief. You may please discuss this if there is no relief within a few days.
I hope this answer helps you further. Please feel free to ask any further related queries. I shall be happy to assist you more.
Wishing you an early relief and cure.


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