I think my jaw is broken

Patient: Hi i got punched by my spouse on 11-19-2014 on the right side of my face i didnt loose consciousness but coulds get up and was verry disoriented for about 3min. I emediatly felt a sharp pain on my jaw but about 20min later was gone i could just feel my cheek and eye swolen and numb. It has been a week and now the numbnes is down to my arm and shoulder i cant eat cause i start choking while tying to swallow. I cant breath with my right side throught or nose, my ear is always ringing and my vision is way of from that side. My body does not feel strait. My right side feels taller than my left. My consern is that i have alot of trouble sleeping or laying down cause wen i do i feel extreme pressure on my head, I noticed last night as i rubed on my neck a ball the sise of a marble inbettween my neck and sckull on the right side. What is it?

Symptoms: Head ackes, blurry vision body alighnment ringing ear dificulty swallowing and breathing, numbness on my face and shoulder,arm. And a marble ball right under my head above my neck