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I thought I had genital warts on the lower end of my vagina opening.

Patient: I thought I had genital warts on the lower end of my vaginal opening, so I decided to self-treat instead of calling a doctor, after reading about home-remedies. I soaked a couple cotton balls in apple cider vinegar, and applied them between my labia, leaving them there for about 4 hours while I slept. I woke up to my skin feeling burned, and quickly removed the cotton balls and rinsed off the area.Now, about 4 days later, the skin on my inner labia is raw and red, and one side is very swollen. It also looks like I have cuts/broken skin, and possibly a blister. I’m in so much pain!I cannot urinate without excruciating pain from the urine touching the affected areas. I finally was able to urinate through a drinking straw tonight, after holding the urine in all day. I was desperate.I also applied some baby diaper rash cream to my labia in an attempt to heal the skin, but it is still burning. I cannot sit or walk comfortably.Can you suggest anything I can do to heal this sensitive skin safely and quickly?



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Looks like there has developed an intense inflammatory reaction following the cedar appl ication. It can lead to further inflammation and infection if left untreated. Due to abrasion, the acidic urine will touch on the tissues causing burning and.hence the symptoms.It is always advisable to see a doctor personally and get it examined. You surely need anti inflammatory and antibiotic group of medications. They can only be prescribed under prescription only. Self examination and treatment wont help.Meanwhile ypu could try these for symptomatic relief till you see a doctor.Consume cranberry juice, drink 3 litres of water a day, feminine wash with lactic acid will help in soothening the area and avoid nylon undergarments. Wear only cotton ones. Do not withold urine and avoid diaper use.It will take a couple of weeks for complete healing. Vitamin C supplements daily help in quick would healing as well. Avoid intercourse or masturbation till complete healing. Also in case things dont improve, urinary catheterisation for a week may be needed to avoid irritation and burning around the tissues.Hope this helpsRegards



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Patient: I did see a doctor a couple days ago, and was prescribed Nystatin/Triamcinolone Acitonide ointment, and Metronidazole. I also had a full set of tests taken to rule out infection of any kind. I am awaiting those results. Does this sound like the right treatment plan?

Doctor: Yes, the treatment is apt. It covers all infections fungal and bacterial and will help healing.


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