I took adderall that was not prescribed to my and now i lost my appetite and i and having small panic attackes. I would like to know what is going on with me?

Patient: I am a 15 year old boy and I have finals this week and I got some Adderall to help me focus and maybe ill do good for once. I got the Adderall on Monday and I took one 20mg pill on a full stomach at 11:30 am . I took one more 20mg pill at 12:15 pm off the food I had at 11:30 am. I took the last one for the day at 1:45. the last time I ate on Monday was at 11:30. Over all I took 60mg or 3 20mg pills of Adderall on Monday. On Monday I got home from school at 4:55 and I went up to my room and I found myself twitching and walking around the room, like a crazy person would I was also having a panic attack but I don’t know why I was having a panic attack. Adderall is supposed to help you clam down and stuff. but when I took the pill I lost my appetite, It is 12:07 in the morning the next day. If I did not take Adderall I would have been asleep by 9:50ish Monday night. I don’t know what I should do with myself I am shaking and I have not stop moving my arms or my feet and my legs. No one knows that I took Adderall but me I don’t want to tell me mom that I took Adderall because I will get in trouble. Now if it came to a life or death situation I will tell my mom that I took the pills. But I don’t want to tell my mom that I took Adderall. AND I HAVE NOT EATEN 14 HOURS AND I AM REALLY SHAKY IN MY ARMS AND MY HAND AND MY LEFT FOOT

Symptoms: I started to shake my left foot at 4:50 and have not stop sense and it is 12:20. My throat is dry. My whole body is shaking. I HAVE NOT EATEN IN 14 HOURS (THE LAST TIME I ATE WAS AT 11:30 AND IT IS 12:30 WHERE I AM AT NOW. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!