I took pill after 32 hours. Help Me ! , I need an answer to sit carelessly.

Patient: It is possible to get pregnant if I took the pill the next day after 32 hours? , Condom broke but the man did not ejaculate fluid preseminal I fear, I read somewhere that it does not contain sperm but are taking on the channel, he did not ejaculate for 3 days and urinated before sexual activity. I realized immediately ran to the bathroom and I washed well. But definitely I took the pill the next day. How do I know if the pill has taken effect? . or likely to be pregnant if I had not taken the pill?

Symptoms: I need your help ­čÖü

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There are very little chances of pregnancy if there has not been an ejaculation, rarely p regnancy can happen with the pre-ejaculate coming in contact with the vagina.Since you have taken the emergency pill within 36 hours, there is no need to worry of pregnancy. It can be taken within 72 hours of last sexual intercourse, the earlier you take the better is the effectiveness of action of the pill.Yet, there are pill failures. Hence, watch for early pregnancy signs like breast soreness, abnormal vaginal excessive discharge, mood swings, bloating, etc.In case you miss the cycle, do a pregnancy test. But the chances are very less in your case, hence do not worry much.Hope this helped.Regards