I took plan B

Patient: I took plan b and 3 days afterwards i had vaginal bleeding and i thought it was normal due to the common side effects of taking plan b , but i started worrying because i noticed the blood being discharged was to much for just spotting. my period cycle is normal and i already had it for the month of july. is it possible im having a period again ?

Symptoms: vaginal bleeding

Doctor: After taking the emergency contraceptive pill, most women will not have a normal period at the expected time. Instead, y ou may have your period later or earlier than normal. Also it may be a slightly heavier or longer than normal period.The vaginal bleeding/spotting that you have noticed is just a side effect of the pill. It may be just an earlier than normal period owing to the changes caused by the hormones in the emergency contraceptive pill.You need not worry regarding this at present; However if the bleeding does not stop in 7 days or is very heavy with passage of clots, then I would recommend that you contact your health care provider for an evaluation.