I took plan B last week Saturday

Patient: I took plan B last week Saturday because of the condom breaking. I had my period two days before I had sex, so. Thursday. I had cramps, extreme fatigue, headaches. I started bleeding two days ago and it’s getting heavier everyday. Two days ago I woke up with really sore muscles and body aches.. I didn’t move from my bed the past two days.. Now I have a really sore throat, chills, light abdominal pains, heavy bleeding, fatigue, confusion at times, stuffy nose and chest pains. What is going on?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The symptoms of heavy bleeding could be most likely due to plan b associated with pain abdomen as well. It is a known fact that plan B can cause such side effects. The other symptoms of cold, stuffy nose, fatigue could be due to an incidental infection or flu, most likely to be a viral prodrome. Anemia may be one of the complications of losing too much blood during and after menses, leading to tiredness and susceptibility to infection.It is time to see a doctor and get your bleeding controlled and the flu treated. Meanwhile, try steam inhalations, drink plenty of fluids and have a nutritious diet to deal with the illness in a batter way.Hope this helped.Regards