I tried to have sex with a girl, didn’t work

Patient: I tried to have sex with a girl, didn’t work because ‘it’ didn’t go in. Also, it was difficult to even get close because no positions worked, or she just wasn’t flexible. I had a good feeling that her ‘thing’ was tight. Right now I feel weird, and don’t feel good overall. Does this happen a lot?

Doctor: Hi.Read and understood the plight you have gone through. Well, this is not so rare but happens.What is there is t o be not happy about it.You were trying for the first time and your partner too must have been absolutely new to this experiment (till it is done). Do not get frustrated.Try next time, get some references from available good material, use water based lubricating ointment like KY jelly and take time. Do not force through and you will be successful.It is possible that the hymen is too tight and takes time to penetrate through.If not successful over next times, it is better that the girl gets checked by a Gynecologist as may need a small surgery for normal functioning.All the best