I used to go to the gym pretty frequently and

Patient: I used to go to the gym pretty frequently and that gym has an indoor track. It’s very slanted, more than an outdoor track and I never ran on it before and I felt fine, but as soon as I ran a few laps on in, my inner hip near my groin area started to hurt a lot so I stopped running all together and the pain went away after a while. Then I recently did a lot of walking and it started to hurt so much to where it was hard to really do anything and it hurt to move around when I was laying in bed. It’s been getting better, but my hip never did that until I went to run on that track that one time. What is it and is there any way to help heal it so it doesn’t do that anymore? It really sucks knowing I cant get out and exercise without my hip hurting for weeks afterwards.

Symptoms: Muscle pain, pain when I walk or specifically when I bend my leg up higher