I visited dermatologist for my acne(moderate) She gave me so

Patient: I visited dermatologist for my acne(moderate). She gave me some medicines and gels (faceclin for daytime and minoz-bpo for night) and ahaglow face wash for a month but after a month of those medicines and all my moderate acne became severe with nodules. she gave tretiva-10 capsules in the morning and tretiva-20 capsules in the night with some zitcare capsules everyday and azifast-500 3days a week with same gels and facewash. after one week of these medicines i can see no positive results as my condition has gotten worse. should i continue it or not? as one of these tretiva capsule’s side effect is hair loss and i am already suffering from it and i dont want to increase hairfall too.(using proanagen spray at night)

Symptoms: New nodular acne appearing everyday