I want to be sexually satisfied

Patient: My husband underwent a vericose veins surgery recently and we’ve haven’t indulged in an active sex life for about 2 months. We also have his friend, who stays with us for the past 1 month, same age as my husband. He’s single and he’s been through our life for all occasions and a great friend of us. He was a great support during when my husband was hospitalized.Due to my sexual cravings which are not fulfilled in the latest days, whenever I see this friend, I imagine having sex with him. He has a nice muscular physique with an heavy mush and beard, which I’m greatly fond off. I dream about how well he’d satisfy me with his mush and beard and I feel wet then.I know it’s not right to feel horny or feel attracted to him physically but those images of having a crazy sex with him keeps running in my mind. I don’t why.I know for sure I can’t indulge in sex with my husband for at least next 1 or 2 months or until he recovers fully.But my cravings are just not letting me think over anything right now. I know it will be a total dishonest if both of us (his friend & I) indulge in any such act. The inner me says, that I should just get physically hitched with this man and have no emotional bondings, I don’t love him at all. I want him to satisfy me. But, I also don’t know if this friend has any such feelings towards me like this but, I have feel this way towards him.I need someone to satisfy my crazy sexual urges that I’m currently going through and I feel wet whenever I have those horny images run through my mind.I want to know a solution to stop this cravings or what else I should do to deviate myself.PS: My husband is great in bed, he satisfies me whenever we have sex and I have no qualms about his performance with me.

Doctor: Your anxiety, cravings and conflicts are all understandable. Even when everything is fine, these type of sexual cravin gs can still be there. However, when you are desperate, longing or not sexually satisfied for whatever reason, these type of ideas do come or increase. You have done a very honest analysis of your current psychological state, reason behind cravings and risks involved in the long term relationship or extramarital relationship. Whatever surgery you have suggested that your husband has undergone, you can still have protective sex with your husband now or by next month. Meantime there is nothing wrong in fantasizing or masturbating. That is likely to release or relieve your sexual tension. You have a strong mental makeup and congratulations for the same!