I want to get pregnant

Patient: Hello im 23 and would love nothing more to get pregnant however i have pcos is there anyway at all i can enhance my chance of getting pregnant anything at all foods or anything id glad to have any info ive wanted a baby for years now please and thank you any advice is greatly appreciated

Doctor: Thank you for your query.PCOS is actually a disease of excess eggs in the ovaries accompanied by excess sugar,fat,chol esterol, male hormones called as androgen’s, excessive pigmentation, hypertension & insulin resistance. It leads to infertility due the hormonal imbalance & the hormones produced by the body are not sufficient to cause ovulation leading to irregular periods & infertility. Although PCOS tends to run in families, it can also be triggered by your lifestyle. With little effort to lose weight, by adopting a healthy lifestyle avoiding sugary carbohydrates in the diet & having good & nutritious food avoiding calories & usage of an insulin sensitizer under the medical supervision of a doctor will help loose weight & may cause ovulation leading to a conception. It is advisable for you to try this prior to opting for advanced medical interventions as you are still young.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.