I want to know if i am pregnant?

Patient: Hello Doctor!I am 23 yrs old and i am married for 1 and a half yrs. before marriage i use to get my periods in 28 days and after marriage it fluctuated between 28 to 32 days (it has never been delayed in my life more than 32 days). I have never missed a period right from my puberty. now its 35 days since i got my periods. I got my last period on july 1st. I thought of testing for pregnancy but i experience sum of the pre menstrual symptoms like abdominal and leg (cough muscle) pain which I usually get before periods. Does these indicate pregnancy or PMS? I would really be very happy if i am pregnant. Shall i proceed doing a home pregnancy test? or should i wait for few more days?

Symptoms: Abdominal pain n cough muscle pain