I want to know if i am pregnant for sure or what do i have ???

Patient: I concieved on march14 and i havebeen getting pregnancy symptoms like nausea trips to the restroom weird stomach feelings ect. I took teo pregnancy test one came out as an early positive and one came out negative i have one more pregnancy test and i want to know whens the perfect time to take it i also wanted to mension that on wed morning i started feeling really awful i got really dizzy with back pain and felt like fainting i managed to go to the restroom and found light blood on my underwear since that they i been spotting not alot of blood but it went from light blood to red blood and later was dark and now its light blood with clear discarge it was only a little blood i could of worn a pad for days my period wasdue until a week and i have never been early on my period

Symptoms: Lots of nausea