I want to know if I can get pregnant when i am not on long period?

Patient: I want to know if I can get pregnant when I did not have my period for a long time

Doctor: Hello.Thanks for the query.If you have been amenorrhoeic since long( which you have not mentioned as to how long), it is likely that you may be suffering from PCOS which can cause involution and also oligomenorrhoea or delayed menses. However anovulation cannot be predicted just by amenorrhoea per se unless ovulation kits have been used and ovulation timed or an ultrasound pelvis has been done to check for follicles and their size. So it’s difficult to predict with certainty.So keeping a possibility alive, the best way to rule out pregnancy again would be to get a serum beta hCG test done after 7 days of intercourse which can rule out pregnancy depending on the hCG levels for certain. A negative test would indicate no pregnancy and then you can be evaluated further regarding the cause of amenorrhoea.I hope I have answered your query in detail.Wishing you good health.