I want to know if it is safe to take teva-amoxicillin for sinus while i pregnancy?

Patient: Hi,I recently found out i was pregnant (roughly 5 weeks) … I have had a very bad stuffed up nose for the past week or so with lots of sinus pressure. Last night I went to bed and had a VERY sore throat (hard to swallow) and woke up this morning with a cough that creates a very bad burning sensation in my chest. I went to the doctors and he prescribed teva-amoxicillin …. he said it was safe but the website says dont take this if you are pregnant. I am confused? is it safe or not?

Doctor: Hello,Ideally no antibiotic should be taken during the early pregnancy or till 12 weeks of gestation which are the or gan forming weeks of the fetus to avoid any congenital anomalies in the fetus. So it is not prescribed and conservative forms of treatment for sinusitis or cough are advised , like steam inhalation with plain water for thrice a day , saline gargles for sore throat thrice a day along with saline nasal drops to open the blocked nose.If these methods fail and the condition of mother worsens then pregnancy safe antibiotics have to be considered weighing benefits over risk for the medication. Amoxycillin is a safe medication and there are no congenital anomalies documented in evidence on its use and hence prescribed safely.So , it is advised to try out conservative methods and if they fail then you may have to resort to medication.I hope i have answered your query and it would help you in taking an informed decision.Wishing you good health,regards