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I want to know the best way to treat genital warts.

Patient: I want to know the best way to treat genital warts and if it’s something serious. Just recently I got small blisters between the shaft and the four skin. One which popped and is very sensitive and a small red sore at the back of the shaft. Do not want to go to the doctor. Anyway I can treat it at home and due to that explanation what it can be? Thank you.



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,The best way to treat genital warts would be either cryocauterisa tion or laser removal. Other medicinal treatment which dermatologist used to prescribe earlier was podophyllin cream application thrice a day for a week which burn the genital warts.Multiple blisters over the shaft of the penis can be possibly herpetic blisters if they are red and painful as well. It would be better if you could send a picture of the lesion for a better opinion,Wishing you good health,Regards



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Patient: Can you tell me more now and how to get rid of all this from the warts to the redness and what it probably is.

Doctor: These appear to be warts indeed and the best answer for treatment shall be cryocauterisation.

Patient: They sell that over the counter. What about the small red blisters that are very sensitive and painful when touched. How do I treat those.

Doctor: you may apply soframycin cream locally over it twice a day for 5 days and this shall help heal faster.

Patient: Where can those be purchased?

Doctor: these are available as an otc.


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