I want to know what can I take for really bad gas

Patient: I want to know what can I take for really bad gas. It was in my chest now it’s in my back. It feels excruciating. I was just diagnose with hyper thyroid.

Doctor: Hi.Thank for your query.Noted your history of bad gases and the trouble associated with it. Also noted that you a re already taking Methimazole for hyperthyroidism and Zantac for the gases / acidity.Most important causes of gases are:- Aerophagia- meaning inadvertent swallowing of the air thereby allowing the air enter in the intestinal canal causing ”gases”-Infection by gas-producing bacteria in the form of mild to severe gastroenteritis.- Some foods and aerated soft drinks can cause similar problems: these are the ones which you to note and avoid.Anxiety and stress are the most major contributors. Hyperthyroidism increase these too.A 5 day course of an antibiotic and metronidazole along with activated charcoal and probiotics may help a lot to recover