I want to know when did I concieve

Patient: My friend had intercourse oct 17 ..than she had her period oct 26 … nd was suppose to end oct 31.. but she made the mistake of having sex with someone else nov 2..now she is 11 and a half weeks pregnant .. not sure when she concieved

Doctor: Paternity is not something that should be guessed on the basis of history nevertheless something you need to know is tha t immediately after one’s period for roughly 5 days to a week (depending upon ones cycle length), conception is not possible as ovulation is highly unlikely. The same applies for around 8 – 10 days just before one is going to get ones period. It is what is termed as a safe period for people using the natural method for contraception.Both the dates mentioned by you fall in the safe period, so its difficult for me to say which could have been the day of fruitful intercourse.Paternity determination is obviously a very serious concern if your friend chooses to continue with the pregnancy. It needs to be discussed with the consulting obstetrician or midwife immediately. As it is the question of the future of a faultless unborn child, you should not refrain from finding out the father of the child.It is possible to determine who the biological father of the fetus is while the woman is still pregnant through procedures called chorionic villus sampling or amniocentesis. These are however invasive procedures and bear a small but significant risk of a miscarriage. There are some noninvasive tests available as well. These tests detect a small amount of fetal DNA present in the mother’s blood during pregnancy. This allows for accurate fetal DNA paternity testing during pregnancy from a blood draw which has no risk of miscarriage.Most laboratories respect the woman’s need for confidentiality and offer flexible testing options whereby you may test the DNA of the alleged father/s for matching from varied samples such as toothbrushes, semen, saliva stain etc.. Discuss the issue with your doctor rather than worrying about it and take an informed decision regarding the same.