I Want To Know When I Got Pregnant

Patient: Please Help Me . Im Pregnant But I Want To Know What Are The ONLY Possible Dates Of Me Being Pregnant To Begin With . This Is The Story , I Dont Remember Having My Period In May But I Remember Not Having It In June. My Partner Already Injeculated In Me But I Didnt Think Nothing Of It .. It Was Times Where I would feel so sick x I Remember Taking A Walk June 29th x It Being SUPER Hot I Drank water x Not 30 Minutes Past I Threw The Water Back Up . Then I Noticed I Didnt Have My Period The Whole Month Of June . BUT June 30th I Had A Afair ­čÖü He Injeculated In Me Also BUT In The Morning I Took The Plan B Pill , Middle July I Found Out I Was Pregnant . I Went To Plan Parent Hood 8/22/14 The Info I Gave Them They Said I Was 8 Weeks Pregnant .. I Thought Back On The Night Of June 30th But Thought I Was Already Feeling Sick Etc. Then I Went To An Actual Doctor I Was A WHOLE Month Ahead Than What I Thought I Was x I Was Realived Thank God Today Is Sunday .. They Gave Me A Duedate Of Febuary 15th .. But Im Also Concered Because They Can Be 2 Weeks Ahead Or Behind My Pregnacy From Febuary 15. I Added 2 Week To Feb. 15 x Got March 1st As A Duedate Then I Subtracted Two Weeks From Feb. 15 x Got Feb. 1st , I Know I Could Have The Baby Inbetween These Dates Feb. 1st Or March 1st I Just Want To Know When I Got Pregnant And That The Afair I Had Is Noway Of Me Having His Kid. I Always Get My Period The On The 20th Of The Months But This Affair Happened June 30th x I Never Got A June Period. Today Is The 28th Of December Meaning I Just Turned 33 weeks Today But I Could Be 31 Or 35 If They Messured Me Wrong

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.According to your history possiblyYou might have conceived on around first week of June.Because according to your menstrual history, your last menstrual period should be May 20th.It will correspond to your first ultrasound, that is around 8 weeks of gestation from May 20th to the middle of the July.According to your lmp your expected date of delivery comes as February 27th, which is nearer to the date given by ultrasound.According to your lmp by December 28th your gestational age should be 31 weeks 6 days.In the third trimester around one to two weeks disparity in between the gestational ages by lmp and by ultrasound can be seen.First dating ultrasound i.e at 8 weeks is more reliable in calculating the gestational age and expected date of delivery.Take care.