I want to prove I did not give an STD to my Partner

Patient: Recently, last Saturday evening, my partner and I had intercourse for the first time. Days before this, I had fluid tested by a pap smear, and tested negative for all vaginal diseases. Almost a week later after intercourse, he sends me a picture of a small red bump on the shaft area of his penis. He’s scared that he may have caught something from me. What do I tell him? I’ve done everything from taking a rapid HIV test and sending him a photocopy of the results for that and my Pap test.

Symptoms: Painful small bump on the shaft of my other half’s penis.

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query. I understand your concern.As you have tested negative for all vaginal diseases few d ays before the intercourse, the possibility of transmission of infection from you is less.Possibly after seeing your reports he may understand this.Apart from intercourse some type of genital infections can be acquired by skin to skin contact, sharing toilets etc. So, there is possibility that he might have acquired infection from other persons also.Better to use a barrier method of contraception till he completes his treatment.Take care.