I want to repair my anal hole I had an

Patient: I want to repair my anal hole. I had an accident before and I stayed in comma for 10 day but after I wook Up I had a bad time going to the bathroom so I had to put my finger in my hole to make it bigger it’s just because I was in a brain injury so I wasn’t thinking correct so, now I want to repair my hole. How can I repair it? Also, I don’t want to see a doctor cuz I get so impressed

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Alright, you want a conditional treatment.It is a bit difficult to understand the pro blem you have. you say you were n come for 10 days and when you got up, you needed to pass a finger in the anus to make it wide and then to pass the stools, it seems.This may most probably be due to the following reasons:Since you were in coma, you could not take the full diet which is so much important to have normal stools and hence the need .- You can use a mild laxative, have full diet high in fiber contents and your problems may be solved.And you may then not needed to see any Doctor at all,If these measure fail, it is better to consult a Surgeon to get checked and get a proper diagnosis and treatment.Hope this helps you.